Never been more in despair - never been happier

Well well... Today was awful! Hours for hours just english english english. Indian in the commonwealth and relation between India and Britain today, argh!!!!
I tell you, you find thousands of information about all that but nothing useful! NOTHING! Now I have 10 pages about this without knowing WHAT I wrote. Well, at least I have something :P Just don't think of tomorrow Junia I have to talk 15 minutes just about that topic! Would rather have one of the other two subjects. India today or British colonialism . Hey, there were really more information and primarily something you could understand... Well, perhaps the teacher will miss that I have no idea of what I say :D We'll see...

The weekend was one of the best ones in my life! Really! Just... wonderful!
At first we had sunshine all the days, then I was in "Linie 1", one of the best musicals I know, and, what I enjoyed most was my dressage course. I never learned that much about riding. And I never thought to have such a control over my horse. He did EVERYTHING! And that's saying something! Usually he jumps through the hall just because of the rain pattering down on the roof or another horse  coming by nearer than 5 meters... Well, I'm still happy, it was just awesome Thanks Paulchen, you're the BEST!!!

And now, I have to finish my power point presentation for tomorrow. Excuse me than. Oh, and sorry for my english  

11.2.08 18:29


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wasp / Website (11.2.08 20:07)
Solange ich dazu fähig bin, es zu verstehen, darfst ruhig in Englisch schreiben, sonst werd ich knatschig, wobei, warum sollte dich das abhalten?

Wünsch dir viel Erfolg oder Glück (kommt drauf an, ob du es kannst, oder eher auf Glück hoffst +g+) für morgen.

Florian / Website (13.2.08 19:24)
hoffe es hat alles gut geklappt :-)
sorry.. es reicht leider nicht für mehr geistige ergüsse... bin irgendwie müde...

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